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No matter what anyone else tells you, If you've never done it before or it's been a decade or two since your last one, listen up because "perms" have come a long way. Perhaps you want long, lustrous spirally curls. Or maybe you just want some body. Maybe you have an obnoxious naturallly "flat crown" that you have to battle with every day.

A texture, wave or curl transformation will change your life. Fashion is our passion and we love designing creative curl solutions to ensure manageable easy care hair that has a current fashion edge.


Permanent wave/curl  from $159
Permanent Spiral curls from $350

A Kerastase ritual is recommended after all reforme services.

Consultations for curl service $25
(redeemable if service is carried out within 14 days)


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Consultations for hairdressing services $25
(Redeemable if service is carried out within 14 days)