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If you’re after new, beautiful hair colour you need genuine, passionate and highly trained colour experts! Whether you want the latest techniques, a soft balayage, a head full of highlights or just to touch up your roots, we will fulfil your colour dreams.

From subtle to daring, natural to dramatic. We specialise in professional individually crafted colour solutions that when followed with our recommended home hair care last the distance. Want your hair coloured by a trainee? Absolutely not!

Tired of going to salons where the apprentice, after a few brief directions from the hairdresser, proceeds to colour your hair?

We are a true specialist hair salon, our team are professionally trained colour artists, it is our unique point of difference.



Global Colour

Short hair       from $111
Medium hair   from $123
Long hair        from $149
Add splices     from $49


Balayage & Ombre

For a truly seamless perfect colour melt...

First application-lift & lighten midlengths. incl toner  from $229
First application with root colour -lift & lighten midlengths. incl toner  from $299
Refresh & Rebalance from $189
Prices do not include colour correction or removal




Full head retouch from $143
Full head rebalance from $162
Full head first application from $191
¾ head from $129
½ head from $119

Style/finish with colour service

All colour prices are based on 6 weekly visits.
A Kerastase ritual is recommended after all colour services.

Consultations - $25 (redeemable if service is carried out within 14 days)



Skin Sensitivity Testing

As with many everyday substances, hair colourants can cause an allergic reaction. It is important that we carry out a skin sensitivity test at least 48-hours prior to your first colour application at the salon, even if you have used a hair colourant before. We can send you a text to arrange this test 48-hours before your appointment.



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Consultations for hairdressing services $25
(Redeemable if service is carried out within 14 days)